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Infants therapy sessions

How can you recognize if your baby is growing well in all developmental stages?

We help parents track your baby’s development through fun and easy to apply activities that can help your baby better develop cognitive, emotional and behavioral skills that will benefit them throughout their life. We also help you identify warning signs as early as possible so that you can take positive steps to improve your baby’s development and build a healthy foundation for growth.

Besides their weight and height

After your baby is born, it is typical to schedule routine visits to the pediatrician, , but it is not usual to make routine visits to the psychologist! However, studies show that just as hearing or vision exams help monitor your baby’s health in these important developmental areas, monitoring your baby’s behavioural and psychological development is just as important. ForBabies’ infant sessions reassure parents that their baby is developing healthy speech, social, motor and emotional skills within their expected age range.

Studies indicate that reaching critical developmental milestones early in childhood are directly related to their successes later in life. School achievements emotional development and acquisition of skills that help our children positively respond to the adversities of life should not be left to chance!
When should tthese routine sessions begin?

International recommendations are that the sessions should begin at birth, and when infants reach 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Appointments should be scheduled every 6 months after these initial visits.

A baby’s arrival happens months before the delivery and presentation into their parent’s arms.

In all aspects related to their “arrival” babies are observed and monitored with medical sessions that observe health and fetal development. It is during these sessions that parents begin to know their baby and form the beginnings of a life-long relationship

The behavioral differences of each baby is recognized from their earliestmoments, noting that even while still within their mother’s belly, they present themselves as unique individuals. As parents you observe this when your baby first begins responding to external stimulus and begins to adopt their own distinct fetal postures and positions based on their individual comforts.

A mother’s observation of her baby’s intrauterine movements and reactions to external stimuli is unique and forms a strong maternal-fetal bond even before the baby arrives. This is why it is so important that mother and parents understand how their interactions and actions directly affect their child long before birth.

Babies go through temporary difficulties and we can help!

Parents often consult their pediatrician for advice on a wide array of newborn maladies. Issues such as irregular eating patterns, difficulty sleeping, anxiety or aggression are commonplace worries that can be part of your baby’stypical development process. However, these behaviors can also signal that your baby is experiencing heightened stress levels. Often times these behaviors point to the need to strengthen the baby’s ability to development healthy responses to various environmental factors.

ForBabies Pediatric Psychology S.O.S. sessions help developyour baby’s brain potential, ensuring healthy and steady development throughout all growth stages. . In these sessions, we match your baby’s developmental stage with brain strengthening activities and exercises that help your baby reach their maximum potential.

We are experts in babies!

ForBabies can help parents with a wide range of newborn and childhood issues:

For babies who have difficulties falling and/or staying asleep

For babies with chronic crying, irritability and difficulties calming down

For babies with difficulties with digestive and bowel issues

For babies who show signs of night terrors, nightmares and fears

For babies who refuse food or have eating difficulties

For babies who need to prepare for entering day care

For babies with persistent and/or long-lasting tantrums

For babies dealing with loss (divorce, separation, death)

Would you like to know how to play with your baby as if you were an expert in brain development?

Babies do not talk, but they are born bright!!!

Your baby’s brain is born with about 100,000,000,000,000 neurons, more than all the stars that exist in the Milky Way galaxy and more than all the grains of sand on all the beaches in the world!!! During the first year of life, his brain grows fastest and has the biggest developmental leaps of his lifetime. This first year is the most susceptible to stimulation and forms the base of your baby’s brain potential.

Did you know that your baby's brain grows more in an hour than yours in a whole day?

During the first year of life it creates 1,000,000 new and vital brain connections, or synapses, per second! The neural networks that are established and stimulated become stronger and more complex, while the networks that are used less often are eliminated.

Your baby’s brain is literally being sculpted by the environment in which he/she lives! Scientific research shows that an environment rich in sensory stimulation has long-lasting positive effects on brain development and is the foundation for the future school and life success.

Come and get to know ForBabies Sensory Stimulation Baby Sessions !

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