It's never too soon, but it could be too late.

Therapy Sessions

It's never too soon, but it could be too late.

The baby’s physical, social and emotional development, when guided from the first months and the early years of life, can bring uncalculated benefits to the overall growth and in what type of person that baby will be, his personality, his likes and dislikes.

With this in mind, it’s of extreme importance to invest in the baby’s mental health since the beginning, so that any difficulties or obstacles that may come by can be immediately resolved or even prevented. And so, to give a healthy development to the baby, a healthy physical and psychological development.

The first years represent a window of opportunity that may influence significantly the health and the ability to learn and to grow. So, helping your child to have the best start they could ask for, it’s the key to built better brains, and so, brighter futures.


All babies are born brilliant!

Ate ForBabiesBrain by Clementina the focus is to stimulate the baby’s brain development. All of the BabySense’ activities are planned according to scientific studies and are specially prepared and guided for every baby since his birth.

The sensory stimulation activities have the purpose of promoting the relationship between the parents and their babies, are developed to awake and stimulate the little one’s senses: vision, hearing, taste, feel and smell through experiences that facilitate the learning and growth, taking to the extreme importance increasing pleasure moments of interaction.

All of this is crucial for the baby’s brain development and future learnings.

Spa ForBabies

A multisensory experience in a water environment.

A multisensory experience in a water environment!

Therapy sessions developed in an aquatic environment where all sounds, images, smells, water, and massage are combined into a multisensory expirience, that with clinical specified protocols adapted to each babies’ development stage, which will empower his brain development.

The water is cleaned using an Ozon, and it’s heated to the apropriated temperature, according to the environment.

spa forbabies