Forbabies Lab

When psychology and science merge with the love for the babies’ world

Did you know that babies are true scientists when experiencing the world and that we can learn a lot from them?

Forbabies Lab conducts scientific studies and research on baby’s development as early as pregnancy. We are interested in understanding how the baby explores, interacts and comprehends the world around him.

this possible, we developed studies to help us discover how babies’ brain develop and how their brains are able to assimilate so much learning in such a short period of time.

Babies know more than what we can imagine!

Studies still being conducted.

Benefits that aquatic sensory stimulation sessions can bring to babies’ lives.

Your can help us gather further research  regarding all the benefits that aquatic sensory stimulation brings in the development and quality of babies’ lives.

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Psychological Screening for the Newborn

Based on ForBabies achievements in the field of research and raising  parents’ awareness  of the important role they play in helping their babies’  brain development in their first years of life, we propose  that parents schedule a Psychological Screening which includes a  neuro-behavioural assessmentof your newborn baby.

Why should we do a Psychological Screening on the Newborn Baby?

Newborn babies are highly social beings designed to communicate and understand the social human cues that are so important for their development. Babies’ brains are an ultra-sophisticated computer equipped with basic structures that allow them to learn and assimilate essential things about people, communication and about their world.

When should it be held?

The newborn psychological screening should be held during the babies’ first days of life, so that we can understand the processes of their development, including competences, environment and the relation between these.

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Studies already conducted

Mother-infant relationship during pregnancy and babies’ development in the first year.

Trajectories of violence: abuse during pregnancy and parental practices in very young children.

Baby Sense

Consequences of modern psychopathology during pregnancy, for the baby’s mental development.

Brief Intervention:

Common mental disorders during pregnancy and baby’s development in the first year of life.

Pediatric Routine Therapy Session: A lifetime chance of intervention in the Parents-Children relationship.

Baby’s mental health

Mathernal Psychopathology

Pediatrics and Baby’s Mental Health.

Maternal Psychopathology during Pregnancy.

Violence and Babies.

Development Delays by Three months of age.

Domestic Violence and Mother-Baby Relationship.