Clinical Spa for babies

A multisensory stimulation in an aquatic environment.

The SpaForBabies is an innovative method of preventive psychotherapy, conceived and developed by Prof. Dra. Clementina Pires de Almeida, based on a clinical protocol adapted to the needs of each baby, and to his developmental stage.

Because your baby’s brain needs diverse sensory experiences to develop, Spa ForBabies provides weekly sessions of multisensory stimulation in an aquatic environment.  Each session is different, based on the age and stage of development.  Skills t acquired in these sessions help your baby develop healthy sensory, motor, emotional and cognitive skills and parents are given tools to complement these achievements at home, until the next session.

Again, sensory stimulation it’s only effective when there’s a responsive relationship with significant others and parents are encouraged to participate all the protocols and procedures. All this has the purpose to increase and strengthen yours and your baby’s bond, which is fundamental in their brain development.

Additional of hydrotherapy include strengthening your baby’s cardiovascular system, relieving constipation, preventing colic, and inducing relaxation to help regulate sleep and decrease stress levels.

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Sensory Stimulation in aquatic environment

Your baby experiences a sensory extravagance when their bodies are immersed in the water.  As they hear splashes and see  the bubbles and waves formed in the waterit is a sensory learning experience for your baby’s brain.  As he/she sways in the water, sneezes, laughs and has fun,  he observes cause and effect, and begins to experiment with the fascinating fluid properties and ways of the water.

As your baby kicks in the water, he creates rolling waves that help him improve his balance and coordination, and, supports his crawling, walking and swimming abilities.

The first years of life form the basic structures in your baby’s mental health. During this period your baby’s brain experiences the fastest and largest period of development.  As such, it is the most susceptible period for stimulation. The neuronal networks that are most used become stronger and more complex, the ones less used are erased. Your baby’s brain  is literally sculpted by the environment in which he/she lives. Scientific research shows that an environment rich with sensory stimuli has a long lasting effect on brain development. For example, visual stimulation is very important in the development of eye-hand coordination skills and for future reading/ writing abilities; touch improves math reasoning; the introduction of certain smells helps with attention capacity; etc..

In the moment of birth, the nerve cells of the baby’s brain are disorganized and they are not yet well connected with each other. While the baby grows, the brain receives information thru all five senses. The input of these informations makes the nerve cells of the brain multiply and help forming a network with other nerve cells.

These sessions help the baby to fulfill his potential! Babies are born brilliant, but with no stimulation from rich experiences some less used neurons and neurons’ connections will disappear. Nothing is more ruinous for the baby’s brain development than the lack of stimulation. Just as we feed our baby’s belly, we have to feed his brain. This stimulation can and should start during pregnancy. Fundamental rule: must be fun, has to respect the baby’s rhythms and has to be consisting during repetition!

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Activities last 45 minutes.

we request that 10 to 15 minutes be present , before the start of the the session.

Since this is a clinical protocol of Pediatric Psychology, it is totally deductible on IRS and reimbursed by a diverse subsystems of health.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens in each session?

Upon arrival, ForBabies staff provide parents and caregivers with an overview andguidance on what will happen in each session.


Each session has a clinical protocol specified to the developmental stage of  your baby.   Your baby will be introduced to different sensory stimuli while enjoying a Jacuzzi experience.. When the session ends, your little one comes out to receive a therapeutic massage customized for his/her developmental stage and for the specific needs of your baby. These massages are given by the Parents,  under the guidance and supervision of a professional ForBabies therapist. After each session, your baby is relaxed and ready to go back home.


Our professional therapists record all information regarding your baby’s spa experience and how his/her brain is developing in a clinical file.   This file is used to shape next sessions’ protocols and provide your baby with different sensory rich experiences at each session.

How long does each sessions lasts?

Each session lasts an average of 45 minutes.

What do I need to bring for each session?

Just your Baby. We provide everything your baby needs to fully enjoy each session. (hot and sanitized towels, bathrobes, swimming diapers, floats and all the necessary products for the massage). Please note that parents will need tobring clothing to cover the Baby’s head when leaving the ForBabies Spa, due to temperature differences.

Can the baby eat before the session?

Yes.    Water in our Jacuzzi pools is regulated at body temperature and the spa environment is heated so there is no danger of disrupting your baby’s digestion. Please note that your baby may be hungry during or after the session. Please, take this into consideration if you are breast or bottle feedingand bring necessary supplies from home.. For your convenience, we have an area for you to heat water for the milk and a breastfeeding corner for your privacy.  We also offer tea and water for parents.

How do babies normally behave after each session?

According to our experience, they eat and sleep soon after the session. Most Babies get very hungry after the session and often need to be fed. Usually when they are fully fed, they sleep. The feedback we have indicates that they continue sleeping, better and more quietly, on that night and on the following days.

How many sessions per week are recommended?

The ideal was for the babies to go to two weekly sessions., to achieve the desired results. However, we have seen improvements in eating, sleeping and general development with as little as one session per week.

How should I proceed if my baby wakes up sick on the day of the session?

We want babies and parents to make the most of each session at Forbabies Spa, so if it’s not possible to attend, please let us know as soon as possible and we will reschedule your session.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes! This experience is intended to be shared by the people closest to the baby. However, as our space is limited and we like to maintain a calm environment for your baby, we ask that you bring only one guest at a time. Or, you can schedule an exclusive session for your baby, where you can bring and include as many guests as you wish.

May my other children attend the sessions?

As we mentioned, only one additional guest can attend the sessions. According to your other child’s age and behaviour they may attend the session. We just ask for some sensitivity on this topic, since younger children get excited and have difficulties understanding that they can not enter the pools. We like to maintain a calm environment in the pool area and ask that you please schedule private sessions in order to accommodate more than one guest.

How many babies can be in each session?

We restrict the sessions to a maximum of 6 babies simultaneously (we have two individual pools and pool for groups). This limited number ensures a calm environment for the babies and allows parents the pool space to share experiences, tricks and tips, and ask for advice.

Will my baby be in the pool with others babies?

According to the age and to your preferences your baby may be in the pool with other babies. For smaller infants, we use the individual pools but for older babies their interactions with other babies in the sessions is stimulating and group sessions can be more beneficial and interesting. However, it is always possible to schedule an exclusive session where only your baby is attending.

Do I have to go inside the pool? What should I wear?

Getting into the water is for the babies only. However, you should wear comfortable clothing that allows you to easily lean over the pool, to play with your baby and to give him the massage.  The goal is to connect you and your baby in a relaxed environment. Come dressed for fun and comfort.  The ambient temperature in the Spa ForBabies, is approximately 27ºC so we suggest you wear a T-Shirt under your warm clothes so you can be comfortable.

Can I film the session ?

Recording the entire session is not possible as it interferes with the desired interaction and connection between you and your baby, as well as with the privacy of other babies in the session.

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