Sensory stimulation

BabySense is an innovative method of preventive psychotherapy, conceived and developed by Dra. Clementina Pires de Almeida, based on a clinical protocol adapted to the needs of your baby, and to his/her developmental stage.

Your baby’s brain needs diverse sensory experiences so it can fully develop. In BabySense weekly sessions we provide multisensory brain development exercises that are designed to stimulate the growth of your baby’s brain. Every session is different and considers your baby’s age and stage of development. During each session your baby will develop critical sensory, motor, emotional and cognitive skills. Each session ends with a therapeutic massage to relax your baby and stabilize the effects of the sensory stimulation. And parents will leave each appointment with tools and exercises to continue their baby’s achievements at home.

It is important to note that sensory stimulation is only effective when a responsive relationship with significant others exists. For this reason parents are included as an important partner in each session and encouraged to participate in every stage of their baby’s exercises. These sessions will increase and strengthen the bond between you and your baby, which is fundamental to their brain development.

The importance of stimulating your baby’s senses during their first years of life is known worldwide as a positive factor in their development. As the brain is stimulated, neurons build more complex structures that lead to stronger cognitive and emotional abilities for your baby.

When we are born, the human brain is the only organ thatis still not completely formedThisis why your babies’ brain need special attention.

When your baby is born, his brain has over neurons, which represents a similar number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy. And all these neurons communicate with each other at a speed of 1.000.000 synapses per second! This early period of rapid brain communication will never again occur in your baby’s lifetime.

Because of this early stage of brain stimulation, 85% of your baby’s brain development happens by the age of 3. From this point onward, the neurons and neuronal connections that are less used will disappear, in a process called neural pruning.

Why is the sensory stimulation is so critical to your baby’s development?

The first years of life form the building blocks in your baby’s mental health.  During this period the fastest and most significant brain development occurs, making this period the most critical period for stimulation. The neuronal networks that are most stimulated become stronger and more complex and the ones less used are erased. Your baby’s brain is literally sculpted by the environment in which he/she lives!

Scientific research shows that an environment rich in sensory stimuli has long lasting effects in your baby’s brain development. For example, visual stimulation is very important for the development of eye-hand coordination skills and for future reading and writing abilities;  physical touch improves math reasoning skills; introduction of certain smells helps build attention span capacity; as well as many other  sensory stimuli exercises that contributed to healthy, long-lasting brain development for your baby.

Which are the advantages of these sessions for your baby and her/his future?

These sessions provide a strong foundation for future growth and help your baby fulfill his potential! Babies are born brilliant and with early and proper stimulation from rich experiences, neurons and neuron connections grow stronger, rather than disappearing Nothing is more ruinous for the baby’s brain development than the lack of stimulation. Just as parents feed a baby’s belly, so must the brain be consistently fed. .
Brain stimulation can and should start during pregnancy. At ForBabies, we make this stimulation fun for baby and parents, respect your baby’s rhythms and provide an environment in your baby’s brain is consistently stimulated.

Parents play the most critical role in helping your children understand their intellectual potential. Your baby loves to learn, but to learn with little effort! ForBabies gives you the tools you need to have fun building your baby’s brain!

How does stimulation help in developing the brain?

At birth, your baby’s nerve cells are disorganized and not yet well connected in strong neural networks.. As your baby grows, the brain receives information from all five senses.  This information causes the brain’s nerve cells  to multiply and form networks with other nerve cells. These networks are the foundation of future learning and academic achievement.

What do I need to know to attend the sessions ?

Activities last 50 minutes.

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the session.

Is there a minimum age limit ?

All babies that hold their head up can do Baby Sense.

Advantages to the family budget.

Since this is a clinical protocol of Pediatric Psychology, it is totally deductible on IRS and reimbursed by a diverse subsystems of health.